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“The stars and winters have passed by, the years keep rolling. Luray Fine Chemicals have stepped through ten years in the blink of an eye. Luray people have inherited the Luray’s people spirit of long-term, hard work, courage to innovate, and continuously climbing up. They use a force rooted in fertile soil and born towards the sun to hone their will and strength in hard work. Firm belief in success creates the brilliance of Luray Fine Chemicals. Those who do will always succeed, those who do will always arrive. Luray Fine Chemicals has developed from completely unknown to now already been well recognized within China, from being unknown to customer now having many customer groups and types, moving forward step by step from China to foreign countries as well. For the establishment, development and growth of Luray Fine Chemicals, we are grateful to the Luray family who have struggled for and contributed to the development of the company. Together we have weathered the wind and rain and sailed ahead; we are grateful to everyone from all paths of life who have supported and helped Luray develop and grow. Our people as well as customers went with us through thick and thin, hand in hand. Despite the turbulent years of the past, we walked ahead and there is still a long way to go. Luray people are never content with their status quo, and are always actively expanding their range of functional additives for textile processing and other markets, striving to provide our customers with high value-adding, ecologically and environmentally friendly additives, and becoming the world's leading Textile chemicals partner! We firmly believe that by overcoming obstacles and sailing through wind and waves, we will achieve brilliant results and generate excellent products to support our customer in their journey as well. We are eager to cooperate with you, our customers, help you to grow healthy and go with you through thick and thin, seek common development and a win-win future.”


Liu Deming

Chairman of Zibo Luray Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd.

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